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3600W 0 degree FM Combiner 3 WAY PCB Only

3600W 0 degree FM Combiner 3 WAY PCB Only
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***PCB ONLY***

Designed for FM radio transmitters, this teflon splitter combiner assemby is ideal for splitting and combining our  FM Pallets. 

  • 0 degree combiner for use with FM ampliifers up to 1200W each
  • 3600 watt power rating.
  • 0.15dB maximum power loss.
  • PCB measures 10.0 inches wide x 5.5 inches long
  • PCB is 0.093 inch Teflon with ceramic filler; 2oz copper. Tightly controlled dielectric constant.
  • Input return loss: better than -25dB
  • Output return loss: better tham -25dB
  • Product may be ordered includes 1/4 inch aluminum plate and Florida RF balance resistors: $299.00
  • RF input/output and mounting locations can be viewed by downloading DXF file below 2007-2009 format. 
  • Alignment for easy tab connection with low pass filter (SKU: LPFM3600FM)
  • download dxf     (open with cad software only)

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