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470-860MHz 250W UHF TV Pallet

470-860MHz 250W UHF TV Pallet
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This design is based on the new NXP BLF878 42V LDMOS transistor. The pallet is ideal for digital and analog TV broadcast applications. In DVB-T digital the pallet can do 75 watts and in 8VSB the pallet can do 125 watts. In analog application this amplifier can run up to 250watts peak-sync. The copper base is machined from Tellurium Copper alloy 145. This is a high grade copper and it gives the pallet base the best possible surface finish which promotes efficent thermal transfer to the mounting surface.

  • 470-860MHz UHF TV
  • 250W peak-sync analog power; 100W 8VSB, 75W DVB 
  • 16dB gain typical
  • 42 volts
  • Temperature compensated bias
  • External bias with jumper selector 
  • Input Return loss -10dB typical.
  • 40% Efficency in analog 35%  8VSB, 30% DVB
  • -40dBc 2 tone at 250W PEP typical. (1MHz spacing)
  • Alloy 145 1/4 inch copper base