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Directional Coupler 7/16 Din

Directional Coupler 7/16 Din
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This is an Air-Line dual directional coupler with a 3/8 inch brass center conductor.

  • This is a standard catalog item; however, its a custom order to customer specifications. Lead-time is 5 business days typical.
  • CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum to tight specifications
  • There are (4) 6-32 threaded holes on each side of the coupler for easy configuration in the customers chassis.
  • -40dB return loss and 30dB directivity
  • The coupler is tunable for use from 50MHz to 1000MHz; however its not broadband. It can be custom ordered cover the complete FM, UHF or VHF TV Bands or any frequency band based on the customers requirements.
  • Coupling factor ranges from -48dbc to -60dbc. Coupling factor is set based upon customers request.
  • SMA output sample ports for forward and reflected samples.
  • Size: 4.25L x 2.75H x 1.5W (dimensions are in inches)
  • Power handeling capability is several kilowatts; however, operating freqeuncy and coupling factor determine the maximum rating.
  • Weight is 2 pounds.
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