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1000W Teflon Splitter/Combiner Set

1000W Teflon Splitter/Combiner Set
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Designed for FM radio transmitters, these Teflon splitter combiner assemblies are ideal for splitting and combining FM signals in the 88-108MHz frequency range.

  • Specifically designed for combining 2 RF amplifiers or driving 2 antennas.
  • 1000 watt power rating.
  • 0.12dB maximum power loss.
  • PCB measures 4.94 inches x 3.18 inches.
  • 250 watt 100 ohm power balancing resistor.
  • PCB is Teflon with ceramic filler; 2oz copper. Tightly controlled dielectric constant.
  • Non-reactive; this means you can use 3 boards to create a 4 way combiner!!!!
  • Guaranteed not to burn under high SWR conditions.
  • The splitter combiner set includes 2 Teflon Combiner PCB's and 2 resistors as shown here.
  • (1) The axial leaded resistor 100 ohms 5 watts is ideal for low power situations like at the input of a pair of pallet amplifiers.(2) The 250 watt 100 ohm flanged resistor is intended for use at high power.
  • Splitter combiners are useful for combining RF amplifiers to obtain high power levels. They are also used on multi-bay antenna setups.
  • This combiner will handle up to 1000 watts because of its extremely low loss characteristics and Teflon construction.
  • These combiners should not be used to combine 2 600 or 700W Pallets. We are working on a new design for this purpose.
  • These combiners and flange mount 100 ohm resistor must be secured to a heat sink to insure a good ground and to keep the pcb cool. The back side of the pcb can be coated with a very thin layer of heat sink compound. All mounting holes should be used.
  • The resistors are not attached to the PCB. We leave this job to the end user.
  • An AutoCad/DXF file showing the mounting hole locations is available upon request. This page is under construction.
  • The table below summarizes the typical performance of our splitter/combiners. You will find that our combiners offer state of the art performance at a low price. Who else sells a high power combiner on a Teflon/ceramic substrate?
    Freq Input Return Loss Output Return Loss Power Loss
    88 -34.46dB -22.44dB 0.108dB
    98 -34.99dB -27.14dB 0.092dB
    108 -39.33dB -23.92dB 0.113dB