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About US

Broadcast Concepts Inc was founded on November 12 2004. 

We recently moved to a 7000 square foot manufacturing facility in Meldey Florida. The new address is 10100 NW 116th Way Suite 6 Medley FL 33178. The new facility is fully climate controlled and has 400 amps at 480V electric service to support our continuing need for manufacturing equipment.

Most assembly manufacturing and RF testing is done in house. All products listed on our website are available from stock to 1 week lead-time for small quantities.

We also support custom requirements across a wide range of industries from Commercial broadcast, CO2 laser drivers, MRI machines and Radars.

Our complete manufacturing equipment list and capabilities are confidential. Please feel free to contacts us for custom requirements. We treat all of our customers confidentially and we do not disclose our customer information with third parties .

While we value the support and dedication from hard working sales people we also must protect the confidentiality of our customers and operations. We strictly control the movement of outside sales people with the building and our contact with them.