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2000W Teflon Combiner Kit

2000W Teflon Combiner Kit
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Designed for FM radio transmitters, these Teflon splitter combiner assemblies are ideal for splitting and combining FM pallet amplifiers in the 88-108MHz frequency range.

  • Specifically designed for combining 2 RF amplifiers.
  • 2000 watt power rating.
  • 0.1 dB maximum power loss.
  • PCB measures 5.00 inches x 3.475 inches.
  • Kit includes 2 X 50 ohm power balancing resistors and 1 inductor for compensating resistor capacitance.
  • PCB is Teflon with ceramic filler; 2oz copper. Tightly controlled dielectric constant.
  • Input return loss better than -30dB 87.5 to 108.1MHz (when supplied matching inductor is used)
  • Output return loss better than -25dB 87.5 to 108.1MHz.
  • Easily aligns with our 3600W FM Combiner to form a 4 way combiner.
  • download baseplate DXF file 
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