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SD2942 350W FM Pallet Amplifier

SD2942 350W FM Pallet Amplifier
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Designed for FM radio transmitters, this amplifier incorporates microstrip technology and an SD2942 MOSFET transistor to enhance ruggedness and reliability.

  • 86-110MHz
  • 48 Volts
  • SD2942 MOSFET
  • Input/Output 50 ohms
  • Pout 350W min. w/4 watt input.
  • 20% higher power saturation than SD2932, MRF151G and BLF278
  • 18 dB gain minimum.
  • Low distortion Class B push-pull.
  • Temperature compensated bias
  • Compact size; LxWxH 4.0 x 2.0 x 1.5 inches
  • Standard 1/4 inch copper heat spreader.
  • The SD2942 mosfet is new technology that was recently introduced by ST. This is the first VHF 48V push-pull mosfet with a 350W factory power rating.
  • Our PA's use teflon low impedance high temperature coax to form high power matching transformers.
  • We use automatic coax and wire processing tools to guarantee consistent performance from unit to unit. All of the surface mount components are reflowed. There is no hand soldering of chip components.
  • Please download the amplifier data sheet in PDF format (312kb). The data sheet contains detailed performance information and more pictures.
  • Quick facts about current draw: For 350 watts current draw is 10.1 - 10.5 amps @ 48V.
  • Each pallet amplifier we sell is tested on HP 8753 vector network analyzers. Phase, gain, return loss and saturated power parameters are measured on each PA module before it is allowed to leave our factory.
  • We sell a high quality 500 watt low pass filter for FM broadcast applications.


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