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55-88MHz 15W Band I VHF TV Driver

55-88MHz 15W Band I VHF TV Driver
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Our Band 1 VHF-LO driver is a perfect match to drive those high powered amps when your exciter/modulator cannot.

  • 55-88MHz Band 1 VHF TV Class A
  • 12  watts linear output power at Channel 2**
  • 18 watts linear output power at Channel 6** 
  • 42dB gain typical
  • 28 volts 3.5A current requirement. 
  • Input power 0dbm/48dbmv Typical.
  • Input VSWR 1.5 maximum.
  • P1dB 30W typical.
  • 3 inch x 4.25 inch pallet
  • Connects directly to most low power cable TV modulators and exciters.
  • broadband no-tune design.
  • download datasheet


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